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Registration and Course Approvals

Study Abroad Enrollment Requirement 
Study abroad students must be registered as a full-time student while abroad. Webster defines full-time enrollment abroad as 6 credit hours for an 8-week term or 12 credit hours for a full semester abroad. Students who study abroad for a single term within a semester must still enroll in 13 credit hours in order to be considered full time.  

Information for Faculty-Led Programs 

Students participating on faculty-led programs will be registered by the Department Representative of the appropriate academic department. After program acceptance, the Office of Study Abroad will send a list of names and id numbers to the Department Representative for registration.  

Information for International Campus Programs 

Course offerings can be found online and the study abroad registration form can be found in the Pre-Departure section of your study abroad application. Students are responsible for working with their Academic Advisor for courses at the international campus location that will fit into their degree plan. Students will be registered for courses by a representative at their study abroad campus and cannot register themselves online. Further registration instructions will be provided after initial acceptance. 

Information for International Partner and Exchange Programs 

Students who study abroad at an international partner or exchange location will receive academic credit at Webster University for all courses. Depending on the type of program and the student’s major, specific course equivalencies may vary and are subject to review by individual departments. 
Course Evaluation  
Although Webster students are welcome to take any course at an international partner or exchange location, several courses have already been evaluated for equivalency here at Webster. Check the program page for the location you’re interested in for specific course information, and be sure to meet with your Study Abroad Advisor to discuss specific academic needs. 
The Office of Study Abroad has created a Course Evaluation Form for courses you’d like to take at an international partner that don’t already have an equivalency. This form is for evaluating courses for specific major or minor core requirements only. For GCP evaluations, you should speak with your Study Abroad Advisor. 

Registration for courses at international partner locations takes place as part of the direct application process or onsite during orientation, depending on the partner and program. Academic Advisors here at Webster cannot register a student for courses at the partner institution. While abroad, students at international partner locations are placed in a Study Abroad placeholder course (STAB 1000), which indicates to Webster faculty and staff that the student is still a full-time student with Webster. Actual course information from the international partner won’t be placed on the student’s Webster record until transcripts are received from the partner at the end of their term abroad. Depending on the individual student’s major, the credits from an international partner or exchange will apply differently at Webster University. It is important that students maintain contact with their home-campus advisor regarding this. 

Credit Transfer 
Credits earned for a course at an international partner or exchange location may transfer as a different amount when translated to US credits. For example, a student studying abroad in the UK for a semester will take 60 UK credits, which is equal to 15 US credits. The Office of Study Abroad works with students and their academic departments in order to help them understand exactly how credit transfer and course evaluation works for classes taken at international partner campus locations. 

WINS Transcripts  

Transcripts sent to WINS or visiting students’ institutions will be from Webster University. Transcripts are released once grades are finalized and only if the student’s financial account with Webster has a zero balance.