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Getting Started

We are glad you are thinking about studying abroad! It truly is a transformative experience! Throughout the entire process, whether you know exactly where you want to go or you have no idea yet, our staff is more than happy to answer your questions or provide support along the way. Please reach out to your study abroad advisor to get started. You can talk with a student ambassador if you would like to get a student perspective on the study abroad experience. They can be reached at If you would like to receive our newsletters to stay up to date on all things study abroad, click here and we will add you to our mailing list, or check out our upcoming events. Finally, once you have a program and a term picked out, you can go ahead and start an application.  

Types of Programs 
Webster offers three types of study abroad programs: Webster International Campus Programs, International Exchange/Partner Programs, and Faculty-Led Programs. All three types of programs explained below offer unique advantages. You can find a list of all available programs here. You can also search for programs using a map, or click here to search for programs by specific parameters, such as available terms or academic offerings. 

Webster’s International Campuses offer culturally unique environments and diverse campus communities all while offering a bit of Webster familiarity. Study abroad students at Webster’s International Campuses will take courses taught in English by Webster faculty alongside Webster students, and with all Webster campuses using a shared course catalog, students don’t have to worry how their credits will transfer. Most Webster campuses operate on a similar academic calendar, so generally these programs are available any term, semester, or summer.  

International Exchange/Partner Programs are available through partnerships Webster has with foreign universities. These programs offer students the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a foreign culture, and with some programs, a foreign language. As International Exchange/Partner Programs are hosted by other universities, academic calendars vary widely, with semester and sometimes summer terms available.  

Faculty-Led Programs offer students the unique opportunity to travel abroad with their professor and classmates. Faculty-Led programs generally travel abroad for 1-2 weeks, thus are a great option for students who may have other commitments preventing longer-term programs from being feasible. Students are registered for a particular course and travel abroad as a cohort with their classmates and a faculty leader. These program offerings change every year, and are available in the fall (travel during fall break), spring (travel during spring break), and summer.

Non-Affiliated Programs are for students whose specific study abroad needs are not met by programs within Webster’s approved portfolio of offerings. Students who apply for non-affiliated programs must have a strong academic rationale for why they want to attend the proposed program and must demonstrate their reasons through the approval process.

International Distinction Award
Undergraduate students at Webster have the opportunity to graduate with International Distinction. There are three required core components for eligibility, and studying abroad for a term or more is one of them. If you are interested in volunteering, interning, or conducting significant research while abroad, or studying a foreign language, you could already be 2/3 of the way to International Distinction. Read more here