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For Students Studying Abroad Outside the United States 

Webster University provides comprehensive accident and sickness insurance to all study abroad participants through GeoBlue. This coverage is mandatory for all study abroad participants studying at a location outside of the United States and is included in the Study Abroad Program Fee. This coverage provides for all or some costs related to accident and sickness, medical evacuation, repatriation, and new prescriptions. Students enjoy 24-hour medical assistance services and coverage throughout the world.  

For additional information regarding the features and benefits of this policy, please see the links below.  
GeoBlue Member Guide
GeoBlue Member Guide (Switzerland)
GeoBlue Students Website 

Students will receive their insurance cards and a copy of the member guide during orientation and should familiar themselves with the policy prior to departure. After activating their account, students can use the website or download the GeoBlue mobile app for convenient access to the best local doctors, hospitals, and resources anywhere in the world.  

For Students Studying Abroad in the United States

All international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa attending Webster University in the United Staes are required to enroll in the Webster University Student Health Insurance plan through United Health Care Student Resources (UHCSR).   

Upon registration for classes, students will be automatically enrolled in the University sponsored plan with coverage dates that coincide with the dates of the academic term in which they are enrolled. The charge for the insurance is applied directly to the student account. Further details can be found at  

U.S. citizens enrolled at an international campus location and who plan to study abroad in St. Louis will not automatically be enrolled in the University sponsored plan. They may request to enroll, but it is assumed that those students may already have US health insurance.  

For plan details and benefits, students should contact the Student Health Insurance Coordinator at or by phone at 314.246.7634. 
International Student Identity Card (ISIC) 

In addition to GeoBlue coverage, we provide all students with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC). All ISIC holders are automatically covered by an accident insurance policy anywhere they travel outside of the continental United States. For more information, please refer to the Study Abroad Handbook or visit