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How to Apply as a Non-Webster Student

To apply to study abroad with Webster University as a visiting student, you will need to complete a Non-Degree application. Please read through all the instructions below before beginning your application. 

Visit and navigate to First-time users: Create an account to start a new application. Click ‘create an account.’

Once you register for an account, an email (subject line: Your Webster University Application Account) will be sent with a link and temporary PIN for you to activate your account. After entering the temporary PIN, you will be prompted to set a password.

Application Management

Start New Application
1. Select Application Type: Undergraduate - Upon starting a new application another email will be sent with the subject line Your Webster University Application.
2. Open Application and complete the following: 
  • Biographics and contact information
  • Personal Background
  • Academic Plans – the following questions require specific answers:
1. Admit Type: Non-Degree Undergraduate
2. Entry Term: Select June for the Summer term, August for the Fall Semester, or January for the Spring Semester of the year you are planning to study abroad.
3. Location for Non-Degree Seeking: Study Abroad (Do not select an International Campus Location)
4. Program: Non-Degree (Undergraduate)
  • Academic History
Submit Application
  • An email with the subject line Your Webster University Application was Submitted! will be sent and your application will be processed soon. 
If you have any questions about the application process, please contact Jennifer Dickey at