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Once Returned


If you are a Webster student and you studied abroad at another Webster campus, the grades you earned while studying abroad will be immediately visible on your academic record and degree audit. If you studied abroad at a non-Webster campus, your transcripts will be sent to the Office of Study Abroad by your host university. This can take a few weeks up to several months. Once your transcripts are received, any courses that were not approved on your Course Evaluation Form will be reviewed by the appropriate academic departments for equivalency. Once all equivalencies have been approved, your transcript will be sent to the registrar, who will then remove the STAB 1000 placeholder course and enter your actual credits.  

WINS Affiliates and Visiting Students: Official transcripts are issued by Webster University within 4-6 weeks of the program end date for all Webster international campus programs. Transcripts from our international partners and exchanges can take several months to receive. Transcripts will be sent to the address indicated on the Study Abroad Advisor Authorization Form, which is a requirement in the initial application. Webster will not release transcripts for students who have an outstanding account balance. 

Post-Program Survey 

Make sure you complete your post-travel survey. You will receive an email reminder from the Office of Study Abroad at the end of the semester and you will also receive periodic auto-email reminders from the application system until you have completed the survey. We review all surveys and compile data on student feedback to make improvements to our programs. Also, if you paid a $100 application deposit, you must complete the post-travel survey to receive your $100 credit. 

Reverse Cultural Adjustment 

Upon returning from your Study Abroad experience, it is important to keep in touch with the friends you made overseas, as well as your friends and family back home, but you will have changed! While many people won't understand exactly what you are going through, they can help provide encouragement and support as you transition to being back home. For many of you, however, the culture shock you experienced when arriving to your host country abroad will not be nearly as difficult as the shock of returning home after your study abroad experience, known as reverse culture shock. 

Here are a few resources to help you understand and adjust to this experience: 
Dealing with Reverse Culture Shock from the University of California, Davis 
Reverse Culture Shock from 
Re-Orientation PowerPoint by the Webster Office of Study Abroad 

Stay Connected 

There are many ways to stay engaged after you have returned from your study abroad experience. Periodically we send out a study abroad alumni newsletter to keep you informed.  
Working in the Office of Study Abroad 
Every year we hire recent study abroad alums to work in the Office of Study Abroad as Peer Ambassadors. Any vacancies are posted on Handshake. Make sure to apply if you are looking for a work study job and the opportunity to talk to other students about your study abroad experience. 

If you’re not looking for a job, but still would like to help out occasionally and share your experience with others, we’re always looking for study abroad alums to volunteer at events. Feel free to reach out and let us know if you would like to help, or check your email, because we  will likely reach out to you as well. 

Continue to engage with us on social media. We frequently have opportunities for study abroad alums, like our annual photo and video contests. 

Outside of the Office of Study Abroad, there are also other places to engage on campus or in the larger local community.  
  • Join a club on campus  
  • Reach out to the Multicultural Center and International Student Affairs (MCISA) to engage with international students on campus. MCISA needs student volunteers for events like orientation for new international students in St. Louis.  
  • Connect with the Department of Global Languages, Cultures, and Societies for events to keep up your language skills.  
  • Volunteer at the International Institute of St. Louis, if you are looking for opportunities beyond campus.  
  • Plan your next adventure! There are many opportunities to return abroad after you graduate; volunteer abroad, teach English abroad, apply to the Peace Corps, or just go back to visit friends. 

International Distinction Award

Did you volunteer, intern, or conduct significant research while abroad? Are you proficient in a language other than English? You may be eligible to apply to earn your Bachelor's Degree with International Distinction. Read more here