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Students of all majors are welcome to study abroad. Even if your major is not offered abroad, our programs offer a wide range of Global Citizenship Program (GCP) and general elective courses. It is recommended you meet with your academic adviser as early as possible to plan for the best semester to study abroad. Your academic adviser can also help you plan your course schedule accordingly, ensuring you stay on track to graduate on time. 

The Course Discipline Chart shows what degree programs are offered in full at our international campuses, as well as what other subjects may be available at our international campuses as well as our international partner and exchange programs. 

Webster International Campuses 

All of Webster’s International Campuses teach courses in English and use the same course  catalog. If your major is offered abroad, you can take the same courses abroad that you would take at your home campus. See this degrees in full chart for a list of majors offered abroad. If your major is  not offered abroad there are still plenty of other courses you can take that can count towards your degree, as students at each Webster Campus have the same GCP requirements. Either way, you won’t have to worry about transfer credit, as your course registration and grades will immediately appear in your academic record and degree audit, just as if you were taking courses at your home campus. 

Specialized Programs Abroad 

Several academic departments, whose degree program may not be offered abroad, have established special programs abroad that take place regularly. Examples include: The Vienna Music Experience, The Global Art Institute in Vienna, Summer Dance in Geneva and Thailand, and Education in Leiden. Information about any of these programs can be found in the ‘Special Programs’ tab within the corresponding campus program. 

Faculty-led Programs 

Short-term faculty-led programs are a great way to study abroad within specific academic parameters. Some academic departments routinely offer the same faculty-led programs, such as Art History in Florence, and Biology in Ecuador. There are also new faculty-led opportunities every year covering a diverse range of academic areas. 

International Partner and Exchange Programs 

On International Partner and Exchange Programs you will be taking courses unique to the host university, meaning the courses are not in Webster’s course catalog. You are guaranteed to receive Webster credit for any credits earned on International Partner or Exchange Programs, however, you may only receive general elective credit unless the courses are approved by the corresponding academic departments. Prior to departing, you will fill out a Course Evaluation Form with the courses you intend to take while abroad. The corresponding academic departments at Webster will review these courses and sign off on a Webster equivalency. While you are abroad you will be registered in STAB 1000, a placeholder course, so you maintain enrollment as a full-time student at Webster. Equivalent credits will be entered after the host university releases your transcripts.  

Non-Affiliated Programs 

If you have found a study abroad program that seems perfect for you, but it is not affiliated with Webster, it still may be possible to participate in the program as a Webster student. Students  must have their chosen study abroad program approved by the Director of Study Abroad prior to registering for the program.