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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of programs are there?

Webster University study abroad programs are typically divided into three categories: Webster Global Campuses, International Exchange Partners, and short-term, faculty led programs.
  • Webster's global campus locations include Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Greece, Ghana, Thailand, and Italy. Students going to any Webster global campus can take Webster University classes that coincide directly with their major.
  • Webster has international exchange partners in Japan, Spain, China, Germany, Mexico, Brussels, and the United Kingdom. Exchange programs (with the exception of the UK) are typically geared towards language and culture immersion and are ideal for foreign language students. Course selection differs depending on location. 
  • Faculty led programs are single-course programs that can go anywhere in the world! Typical time spent abroad in these programs ranges from 4 days to 2 weeks. Students in the past have gone to Rwanda, Ireland, Cuba, and Brazil, among many other places.
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I want to study abroad on a Webster program, but I'm not a Webster student. Can I still study abroad with Webster?

Absolutely! If you are a student of one of our WINS affiliates, simply check with the study abroad department at your home university and see which of our programs they have authorized for you to join. We work consistently with the universities in our WINS network to make sure joining a Webster study abroad program from your home university is quick and easy. 

Even if you are not from an affiliate institution, you can still join a Webster study abroad program! "Visiting" students can participate in any our programs. Please be sure to contact us with any questions you may have about credit transfer, transcripts, billing, financial aid, or anything else.

There are a couple extra steps to applying to a Webster study abroad program as an affiliate or visiting student. Don't forget to visit our instructions page for Applying as an Affiliate or Visiting Student for more information.

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What scholarship opportunities does Webster offer for study abroad students?

We understand that finances are one of the biggest obstacles to studying abroad, and we want to help as much as possible to make studying abroad an affordable and achievable goal. We encourage Webster University students to look at and apply to study abroad scholarships on our Scholarship Programs page. Please note that you must also apply/be enrolled in a Webster study abroad program to be eligible for any Webster study abroad scholarships. Be sure to pay close attention to eligibility requirements before applying to any scholarship program. Webster students are not eligible for the WINS Travel Award.

Additional scholarship opportunities can be found through the Webster University Study Abroad Homepage. You can access these by following the links below:

WINS affiliate students are eligible for our WINS Travel Award. WINS students should receive a link to the WINS Travel Award application during the Pre-Acceptance part of their study abroad program application.  
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